The Precipitous Approach Syndrome (PAS) is a socio-psychological ailment. It underscores the inability of a person who suffers from it to think through and exhaustively a course of action. It therefore predisposes the person to constantly, impulsively and literarily play to the gallery. And in the course of the action which is followed, the person emphasizes a strong steak of inferiority complex and an overwhelming desire to cover up a festering stench of incompetence and vaulting pride.

This personality flaw often leaves in its wake a plethora of abandoned projects and unfulfilled promises in the social space especially where the sufferer of the ailment has inadvertently been conferred with public leadership responsibility. And it could be seen to account for belligerent altercations between and among peoples and nations and which has led to wars between them.

This socio-psychological condition also affects institutions, corporate organizations and sundry collectives of human interaction. And in a collective sense it has often accounted for the failure of leadership at all levels of the national and global enterprise.

The key phrase which is woven into this socio-psychological malaise is ‘thinking through and exhaustively’. The medical condition is clearly symptomatic of a chronic incapacity of the sufferer to creatively process any amount of information at their disposal. The information may be in the form of images, pictures, words or indeed any mode of information communication.
And the inability to properly and contextually process information would mean that decisions or conclusions reached as a result of the inappropriate management of information would prove disastrous both for the sufferer as well as the society or group which the sufferer leads.
And often enough, the sufferer demonstrates a frightening lack of a healthy balance in judgment which would ordinarily have been the result of a holistic appreciation of all the shades and angles involved in a premeditated course of action.

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