In the current national challenge of evolving a productive political dispensation that would engender trust by the people in their leadership, I have deemed it critical at this point to draw further attention to an inescapable effective leadership template against which the discerning voter may judge persons positioning themselves for political leadership. The effective leader is unarguably possessed of and demonstrates that uncommon ability to exercise even a modicum of the following critical attributes in their lifestyle, namely:

A creative artist of sorts, he sees, tastes, hears, touches, feels, appreciates and understands all the colours of gray. He identifies their individual potentials, nuances, and inclinations, and therefore acts decisively and with precision. He is well able to take his constituency from where they are(even their comfort zones) to a more suitable place where they have never been as he endeavours to sufficiently interpret all the sometimes conflicting hues of the rainbow of interests in his environment in order to generate a wholesome picture of objective oneness and all-inclusive unity.

He is a guardian, a creative manipulator and motivator of systems and system components through the persuasive articulation of superior arguments that are anchored on justice, fairness and equity. His arguments are sufficiently cohesive, ennobling, transparent and largely driven by a compelling and selfless desire to advance the common good. He is a focused catalyst of consensual realism based on well-digested premises of socio-economic research for pulling together the higher grounds of enhanced stature of society.
And against the backdrop of well-informed summations for articulating his vision of society, he is often in a very competent position to influence people and things in the overall interest of most of his constituency.

(We will continue this expose on The Effective Leader next week)

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