The Effective Leader (pt 3)

In the 3rd part of our lesson on the Effective Leader, we wish to again encourage party delegates and indeed, the voting public to attempt to revive the winning values of democratic practices by evaluating the choices for leadership presented to them based on well-digested information, including the following:


The Effective Leader is equipped to think outside the box as he mulls over the challenges of his brief and he literarily pushes the envelope. He is open to creative ideas from admirers and critics alike; he is inspired and inspirational, and imaginative. He is well able to explore and exploit the entrepreneurial processes in high calling to leadership.
He sees different shades of gray in any situation of crises and he steps out with competent and often home-grown effective solutions.


As the ultimate administrator and manager of his charge, he follows the principle of building and replicating leaders after his own kind and image as he impacts and influences lives around him positively.
He is therefore, a compulsive motivator, mentor and teacher; he inspires and ennobles; he often drives a hard bargain as he pushes for the creation of his own kind and likeness in his followers in the most exacting and enduring ways. Often seized by the idealist, albeit realistic picture of the future, the creative artist in him also recognizes the compelling need for patent flexibility in the choices he makes for processing his options for attaining his goals. And he has his gaze firmly fixed on legacies for posterity to point to.


He engages and reaches out in words and deeds to his various constituencies and publics in productive and impactful exchanges. This he does through official and/or private channels in order to grow that invaluable personal touch to leadership and which invariably underscores the overwhelming power of perception.
Indeed, perception is everything!
The process of reaching out to his constituencies through unofficial, discreet and undercover channels would entrench the desirable personal touch to leadership. It would also enable the people to feel the pulse of their leader who would then be adjudged thoroughly human afterall. And through this popular disposition of the leader the people would be able to take ownership of the power which their leader exercises on their behalf.
He may not possess a post-doctoral degree or hold a professorship in any field of scholarstic enterprise, but he is a voracious reader. And a reader is invariably a suitably equipped leader. He reads all relevant subjects and appropriates the most persuasive and realistic summations therein.
And then he engages in dispassionate analysis of views and even opposing opinions in order to learn and adapt in appropriate ways, and hence, be able to influence convincingly.

This expose continues next week…

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