The Effective Leader (2)

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In a passionate drive to draw the attention of political party delegates and indeed, the general electoral public to the previous and following constituents of elements of productive leadership, we are mindful of the possibility of doing the same things all over again and then expect a different result. But if we fail to get our priorities right, shorn failed and moneybag pretenders to the throne, no matter the temptations, we would unwittingly set the stage for the emergence of a patently failed nation-state Nigeria.
So in continuation of our expose on The Effective Leader, the following ingredients make up the hallmarks of the ones we should choose as leaders: 



He is well able to make people do exactly the things or get involved in activities that they have always wanted to be in, even without them knowing that they have been primed to achieve specific tasks. 
And in crisis situations, he provides credible and qualitative leadership. He demonstrates competence, brinkmanship and character, and accords winsome and sterling identity to leadership.
By this process of practical converting people to his own side of the argument because they see merit in his position (he hates sychophants passionately), he is able to win his people’s confidence, trust and respect. 



To empathize is to understand another person’s feelings and experiences, especially because we have been in a similar situation. The Effective Leader conveys an acute sense of “I have been there too”. Empathy is a key component of emotional intelligence. And emotional intelligence, as the ability to understand one’s emotions and those of other people, is essentially borne out of a healthy view of love, patience, gentleness, temperance, peace, goodness, faith, etc. 
He understands and proffers creative solutions to undesirable feelings and experiences of his people; he demonstrates acute emotional and mental intelligence.
This ability is woven around and borne out of The Effective Leader’s undying subscription to a unique command virtue of our common humanity, SERVICE with healthy discipline. 


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The Effective Leader is a winsome and engaging public communicator. He creates the big picture, the glorious picture where he intends to take his people to. And he persuasively communicates this future with affective panache and engagement with his publics. He is in a position of power, authority and he is the first among equals but he is not given to vaunting pride.
And in disarming humility, he is committed to harnessing and managing the resources of his constituency for the greater good of the most and with an acute sense of propriety and a clear eye on the needs of posterity. And his management of the elements of the communication process includes comprehensive strategies for effective and productive navigation of the sometimes tempestuous seas leading up to the glorious future…

(To be continued next week)

Parting Shot: Our appeal to the party delegates and indeed the general electoral public is that character, integrity, equity, justice, good conscience, desirable antecedents and certainly not money/the spoils of political power, should guide their choice of political leadership in 2023. And they should note that these listed winsome virtues are embodied in The Effective Leader. They must choose to emphasize their commitment to a united Nigeria. And anything short of that would speak clearly to their lip service to building a nation-state, Nigeria. They would have elected to dismantle the edifice forever.

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4 thoughts on “THE EFFECTIVE LEADER (pt 2)”

  1. Bravo! Timely Leadership lessons for Nigerians as the Nation-State, like a rickety, smoking locomotive, wobbles in labour to 2023.

  2. The Trouble with Nigeria is Leadership as late Prof. Chinua Achebe posited decades ago. If we get the issues of leadership right, it would, no doubt, herald and birth the nation’s long awaited social, economic and political nirvana.

    1. Thanks so much Sir for complimenting this post. Please keep tabs with us by regularly visiting this blog or our Facebook page “Bisike Series” for more engaging posts and activities.

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