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-The National Cake Trap

A trap often relates to an inhibiting system which virtually contests the right to freedom by an animal game. It is an equally progressive and perhaps not so deliberate build-up of an unpleasant situation and from which it might be hard to escape.
And for the unwary wayfarer such as animal game, a trap; a debilitating paradigm set, is probably hard to escape from due mainly to the subtlety, possessive seductiveness, sedative color and comely nature of the baits entrenched in the trap.

It would be instructive to state here that the baits are often so well cultivated, persuasively and creatively packaged that the unwary wayfarer, and in this context, the entire national socio-economic infrastructure gladly bays at the awesome material altar of avoidable waste and crass indolence.
The entire system is slain by benumbing inertia and a frightening inability to not only recognize the vice-like grip of the trap for what it is, but indeed to make conscious efforts to steer clear of the trap(s) or even escape to freedom. It is indeed a patent national tragedy of sorts.

The national cake syndrome is a gruesome national tragedy. It has become a progressive and perhaps even deliberate evolution of presumptively circumstantial imperatives for undermining the overall national mind construct.
This syndrome stands against the argument for the reformative, creative and strategic deployment and management of the natural human capacities and productive energies of a nation and its people for desirable outcomes.

The call therefore for an appropriate and more productive paradigm shift could not be more stringent and desirable. We have often wondered at the simple-mindedness of a political economy which predisposes and indeed caters to a charade of well-choreographed public monthly ritual insolently described as Federal Resources Allocation to the statutory components of the current national political structure.

It is extremely demeaning to say the least, to the creative mindset anywhere to witness the institutionalization and glorification of a process which has over the years, grossly undercut the resolve and even mystified our collective inability as a people to rise above callous and perfunctory pass times such as Federal Resources Allocation ritual.

This syndrome has inevitably led us to a sorry pass. We have consequently passed up shrieking opportunities to take our destinies in our hands and contest for our collective freedom from vicious enslavement and unconscionable trappings of an unprogressive and wasteful political and economic paradigm set.

And yet again, we argue that recruitment of The Effective Leader by the people to superintend over the national political space, for instance, of Nigeria in 2023, is certainly the most important step in the productive process of democratizing the sources of wealth creation for the good of all.
It would also enable us to stake a place in the comity of global socio-economic leadership and domestic peace, prosperity and desirable progress.

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