The National Cake Trap

It may be trite really to contend that this largely unwholesome perfunctory pass time which we and our political leaders are so gamely ensconced in today as a country constitutes a major component of the portfolio of factors arraigned against the desirable continental stature and global reckoning which Nigeria so well deserves. It is indeed heart-wrenching to see a global colossus scavenging for peanuts in the gutters of inconsequence. This is the current lot of a continental giant which has lost its way in the forest of fantastic opportunities for self-actualization because the managers have consistently made a pathetic and self-serving choice to settle for a grossly debilitating socio-economic syndrome, namely, the trap ruefully described as the ‘National Cake’.

In this context, we are tempted to plead with fellow country people especially the self-serving elite class, that we shift our well-worn sensuous gaze a little away from our collective obsession with the vicious trap of the national cake. And then we may be able to explore a set of more imaginative options for developing and effectively managing the vast pool of natural and human resources which are so well distributed across the land by the benevolent Creator.
We are sufficiently persuaded to wager the opinion that the process of engaging our well-founded strategic thinking capacities and latent productive energies as a people would invariably engender the opening up of our collective sights to a vista of untold opportunities for reclaiming our divine right to lead the black race.

The process would entail exploring and empowering the latent productive energies of our national federating units as centers of excellence that is borne out of accredited socio-economic and natural resource endowments.
We are of course referring to a suitably crafted, uncluttered socio-economic and political structure which would enhance and appropriate the limitless capacities of our people for inclusive productivity, economic growth and development. This scenario could then predispose this potential continental giant to run the gauntlet of desirable leadership stakes which it is globally expected to undertake.

Presently, we dare to contend that if this giant refuses to run the gauntlet of desirable continental leadership stakes as a result the stubborn refusal of the managers of the current political economy to accommodate the bare-faced truth about the Nigeria Project, it is very likely that our dear country Nigeria might be progressively encumbered with the nuances of overall global irrelevance and then sadly be consigned to the wastelands of global political might-have-been giants.

It is our sincere hope that in the coming months, non-partisan stakeholders in the Nigeria Project will undertake processes for exploring imaginative prescriptions for re-directing the collective sights of this continental giant and demand for a RESTRUCTURED NIGERIA based on equity, justice and basic human rights. It is not just a pious hope; it is indeed a wake-up call to get our collective right footing for national and indeed global socio-economic and political relevance.
Let us all get this slumbering giant to move and work well for our common and inclusive prosperity. We must do away with harmful and unproductive perfunctory pass times; we must set aside this national cake syndrome. It is a vicious trap; an insolent merry-go-round exercise. And it is about time that we as a people, declared, insisted on and exercised our legitimate right to fight and escape to freedom.

Restructure Nigeria now!

And yet again, we argue that recruitment of The Effective Leader by the people to superintend over the national political space, for instance, of Nigeria in 2023, is certainly the most important step in the productive process of democratizing the sources of wealth creation for the good of all. It would also enable us to stake a place in the comity of global socio-economic leadership and
domestic peace, prosperity and desirable progress.

We will continue this expose next week as we continue to update you on knowledge resources you can use.



  1. Nigeria’s structural status-quo has been the most potent factor in the country’s Political and Economic stagnation since the end of the Nigeria-Biafra war in 1970, why all successive regimes/rulers have only been able to make insignificant progress or failed woefully.
    A restructured Nigeria will place the nation on the path of sustained greatness and also bring out the best in her citizens. I have always voted for Restructuring.

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