As a conscious component of his spiritual essence, the mind is largely assumed to consist in that “attribute” which confers on Man the ability to think. In other words, Rationality. It is that innate ability to process information through the five senses (or six, if you will) and hence attain knowledge. Man is then able to become aware of his environment through knowledge acquired by means of sheer intuitive processes and/or empirical evidence.

In this context therefore, Man acquires the ability to contend with, subdue and explore his environment productively. This ability of Man also enables him to ensure adaptability and compatibility with the various constituents of his ecosystem and the unimpaired ability to think through, and exhaustively a course of action. This process is again largely dependent on the wholesomeness and availability of virtual and/or physical make-up of his socio-economic and political ecosystem.

There is therefore, no gainsaying the fact that the mind of Man, which is at the center of the capacity to process information, and follow through with the right decisions and actions must be suitably activated and empowered physically and/or virtually for the ultimate purpose of engaging with and enlisting his environment in very creative ways for the overall good of Man and society.

This is the challenge of Re-inventing the Nigerian Mind for effective leadership and hence responsible citizenry as well.

The recruitment of The Effective Leader by the people to superintend over the national political space, for instance, of Nigeria in 2023, is certainly the most important step in the productive process of Re-inventing the Nigerian Mind for staking a place in the comity of global socio-economic leadership.

We will continue this expose next week as we continue to update you on knowledge resources you can use.
This is Bisike Series!

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