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The development and sustenance of a socio-economic and cultural framework which will engender desirable attitudinal changes in society follow through an evolutionary process. That process is activated, and managed by knowledge. And knowledge in turn, evolves, molds and perfects orientations, resulting invariably to the institution of creative and productive leadership and indeed a wholesome society.

The generally unacceptable circumstances of public education in our country in content, relevance, depth, utility value, usability of output, etc., is a widely shared opinion. This sorry state of affairs has unarguably been engendered by a massive deterioration in desirable knowledge infrastructure. And desirable knowledge infrastructure would include a healthy reading culture (formal and informal) and the overall Nigerian mindset for productive leadership and responsible citizenry.

It is therefore central to re-inventing the Nigerian mind to note that healthy and productive attitudes and orientations that are central to the development of effective leadership values and responsive citizenry must invariably be cultivated and nurtured. And this is often attained through a concert of strategic measures taken by the managers of the political economy to accord desirable knowledge infrastructure urgent and sustainable attention in both formal and informal processes of human capital development.

And by human capital development, we are referring to the key tripartite socio-economic factors for good, namely: Education, Health and Wealth creation.

The innate ability to think; the ability to process information obtained from seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling, and if you are esoterically persuaded, the so-called sixth sense, is what distinguishes man from other living creatures who do not share these senses in the generally accepted  idiom. These other creatures rather depend largely on their instinctive sensory capacity to process and navigate through the issues of life and living in their environment.

We are therefore persuaded to argue that the key activators and catalysts for animating and empowering the Mind of man for productively and profitably appropriating the human ecosystem are indeed, knowledge infrastructure.

And without the provision of wholesome online, real time and user-friendly physical and/or virtual knowledge infrastructure, in their various forms, the average Nigerian mind and indeed, the Mind of man would be largely uncultivated, ill-equipped, barren and un-empowered for creative leadership, responsive and responsible citizenry.

And yet again, we argue that recruitment of The Effective Leader by the people to superintend over the national political space, for instance, of Nigeria in 2023, is certainly the most important step in the productive process of Re-inventing the Nigerian Mind for the purpose of staking a place in the comity of global socio-economic leadership and domestic peace, prosperity and desirable progress..

We will continue this expose next week as we continue to update you on knowledge resources you can use.

This is Bisike Series!!!

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