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The undesirable state of the Nigeria Project as amply reflected in the sorry pass to which the
education industry has come to makes a compelling statement on the fast diminishing windows of
opportunity for sourcing creative, competent and effective leadership as well as responsive and
responsible citizenry.

A comatose culture of the reading art largely underscores these limited windows for evolving and
nurturing and mentoring creative leadership resources for the effective management of key natural
endowments of the Nigeria Project and hence inspire, motivate and fire the zeal for responsive

And again, the inability of current political leadership to re-invent the Nigerian Mind, and thus equip
it with the ability to think through and process information on contending issues in his environment
and then acquire desirable knowledge has underscored a well-known reality.

It is the unhealthy reality of the fast-diminishing windows of opportunity for sourcing and recruiting
creative, competent and effective leadership at all the levels of the Nigeria Project. It has also
translated into the paucity of responsive and responsible followership.

The prescriptions enunciated in this treatise (parts 1-3) are only a minimum summation of the
strategies for repairing dilapidated national knowledge infrastructure. This would naturally lead to
the evolution and entrenchment of a more productive Nigerian mindset, which is critical to
accessing and promoting desirable leadership values for overall national total growth and

These can therefore, be resourced for viable inputs into a regime of strategic policy choices and/or
legislative instruments for application by governments and Corporate Nigeria.

There is therefore a compelling need now to explore the extensive import of these prescriptions.
We already have as it is now, a state of undeclared national emergency in the Nigerian Educational
System. And it is only ‘’The Effective Leader’’ that would know what to do to turn back the Nigeria
Project from the precipice.

And lastly therefore, we are compelled to emphasize that recruitment of The Effective Leader by
the people to superintend over the national political space of Nigeria, for instance, in 2023, is
certainly the most important step in the productive process of Re-inventing the Nigerian Mind.

A re-invented Nigerian Mind would constitute the raw material for evolving a Nigerian nation-state
that would be able to claim a prime a place in the comity of global socio-economic leadership for
domestic peace, prosperity and desirable progress.
All patriotic hands must therefore be on deck to contrive a mass movement for reversing the
current tide of mercantilist pursuit of political engineering for leadership recruitment.
We will continue these series of blog posts next week as we continue to update you on knowledge
resources you can use.


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