It is yet another season of extending and sharing heart-warming felicitations of goodwill and joy. The year 2022 is finally running its last lap of exit into timeless eternity. And those of us, as part of the teeming numbers of humanity, who would have the rare privilege to witness the Global Clock tick-tock to its full steam at 12 midnight, wherever we may be in the vast expanse of planet Earth, on 31 December, should be grateful.

We should profusely appreciate the All-benevolent Creator of the invisible and visible Universe for that undeserved opportunity. It therefore, gives us at Bisike Series deep joy to welcome you to the Global Countdown to the beginning of yet another fresh opportunity to review, re-calliberate and reposition our strategic plans for a glorious future we believe you so eminently deserve.

May the God of All flesh grant you His mercies, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to yet again gear up for the coming high stakes in pushing for your lofty goals and objectives. Your dream shall never be cut short. And Bisike Series will be right there to urge you on to your glory.

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