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Nigeria is 62 today. And today it has become increasingly clear to the discerning minds in our distressed polity that we cannot get enough of a citizenry which can take ownership of the process of political leadership recruitment.

We cannot also get enough of a corps of creative leadership that would be well able to inclusively lead the people through superior arguments founded on persuasive knowledge resources and wisdom and hence: 

1. Greatly reduce the cyclical tensions and suspicions between government and citizens.

2. Evolve a society that is empowered to create strategic value and enhance the networth of its citizens and their overall productive capacity.

3. Mitigate the unhealthy levels in indiscipline and corruption in the society.

4. Re-invent our collective and cherished values, norms and cultures in order to strengthen our bond as a people of diverse but united purpose.

Therefore, as we celebrate our 62 years of chequered and tortious historical struggle to achieve nationhood, we as a people should insist for ourselves and leaders at all levels of Real Estate Nigeria, the acquisition, cultivation and sustenance of the culture of a new and liberating Nigerian mindset.

Congratulations Nigeria and all Nigerians! 

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