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The loss of over 100 million Africans from the continent to slavery meant essentially the interruption of a great historical process. It also amounted to the loss of technique, cultural, economic and political disruption. 

And consequently the people’s attachment to alien historical process which ensured that we could no longer understand ourselves in terms of what we created, the images we raised above the earth to reflect our total capacity for human progress and greatness.

That loss was also the loss of human civilization and it denied the great human family the contributions that Africa has made to the flow of human history.

And so, if Africa were the home of humanity and human civilization; if we are the ones who stood up and initiated the rupture with the animal kingdom; if we are the ones who introduced the basic disciplines of knowledge as we have them today, then it is left to the wild imagination what we could have created and achieved if there was no disruption and intervention from outside forces.

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